Fake Nintendo game consoles online

by patrol

Children always eye on the latest game console in the market and the Nintendo DS and DS Lite is just one of them. It has been unraveled by the UK Customs Department that fake Nintendo game consoles are being sold online for half the rates of the original prices. Children who are net users can be easily hooked to the offers and buy them using their parents’ cards. The goods are delivered and the console works well for sometime. But, there’s a rub. The power adapters in these fake Nintendo consoles pose fire threat to your home or kid’s place. It is said that the adapters could burst into flames at anytime, placing kids at high risk.

Avoid buying anything that is offered for an unbelievably low price. Suspect the offer for fraudulence and make a decision only after you have verified all the details. In this case, the risk is higher than losing a few dollars – its your child’s life.

(Via Scambusters)

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