Canadian Sweepstakes scam that bring a “fortune”

by patrol

Canadian Sweepstakes scam that bring a fortune? No, it should be rather Canadian Sweepstakes scams that make you fall out of fortune! Sweepstakes scams are all over the web and if you have not received any sweepstakes phishing email, you are indeed lucky. These scams are managed by individuals who operate in the name of companies – Deco Worldwide Sweepstakes, American Sweepstakes Lottery or Alliance Consult Services. All these scams say that they have illustrious sponsors like Microsoft, the Reader’s Digest, Publishers’ Clearing House etc.

The scammers send you an email saying that you have won millions of dollars in sweepstakes in Canada. However, to receive the prize money, you need to shell out a few thousand dollars for taxes, processing/transaction and administration charges. Most of the scammers will want you to send the money in checks. When you pay the money and expect the prize amount, you are told that you need to pay another amount/fee to be eligible for the cash prize. This continues till you lose patience and suspect if it is a scam!

Senior citizens often fall prey to this scam!

(Via Fraud and Scam News)

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