Facebook Distress scams: Fooled by friends

by patrol

In Facebook Distress scams, you are fooled by your own Facebook friends. No, this is not the scam where your friend is a fraudster. But the scam where your friend’s account has been hacked by fraudsters. When you are surfing through Facebook, you suddenly get a message/chat message from a friend. It says that the friend and his/her family are stuck in some foreign country without money. The message further adds that they have been mugged and are left with nothing but their passports. The friend asks you to immediately send money through Western Union. Since it is a friend, you are pressurized to act and you send the money without even checking about the person’s whereabouts. The money wired to the person is lost forever.

Check all your transactions with friends on social networking sites. Never reveal any personal information about you. Check and double-check if you find a strange request from a friend. Don’t act fast just because it is a friend in distress.

(Via Hotscams)

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