It’s me, grandma: Grandparents scam is all over

by patrol

It has been found out that Grandma scam or Grandparents scam has swept the globe, spreading across Japan, U.K., New Zealand, and the U.S. In the United States alone, about 58,000 cops have been stationed to inform and warn senior citizens of this scam. The scam affects senior citizens of every other country in much the same way, while the Japanese seem to be the most affected with about $320 million dollars going away in this scam every year.

The scam works like this: The scammer calls a senior citizen and says, “Its your grandson” or “Its me”. If the elder unwittingly asks, “Is that you Mary” or “Oh, John, you?”, the scammer makes use of the opportunity and says that it is him/her and then, continues the conversation. Then, the scammer says that he/she is in trouble with friends or family and asks for money to be wired immediately to them. When the elder asks for explanation, the scammer does not give any, insisting that it is an emergency and that they are stranded in a place unknown to them. In the U.S. alone, such fake calls have been reported in Ocala, FL; Wallingford, CT; various cities in Arizona; Sauk County, WI; St Louis County, MN; and Eldon, MO etc. In Japan, the crime has affected more number of people.

The only way to avoid the scam is to check with friends/family about their whereabouts of your grandchildren before you start believing the caller instantly.

(Via Scambusters)

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