Phishing via phone in Midland-Odessa

by patrol

Midland-Odessa residents had a tough time two years ago (in 2008). They were haunted by a phishing scam that looted them of their personal details, identity and bank account/credit card information. The scam was run by a clever and smart caller who used local phone lines to call the residents and ask them for their details.

A phishing scam of this kind usually works like this. The scammer calls you and says that you have been scammed and your personal details are all over the net. He says he is from the “International Verification Society” or the “National Verification Society” and as a representative he is investigating your case. In order to proceed further with the investigation, you need to confirm your credit card/bank account number, other personal details and whatever you are willing to gift him. The fraudster uses this to loot money from your account or open a fresh credit account using the details you furnished him with.

(Via NewsWest9)

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