Game on you: Online gaming site scammed!

by patrol

Online gaming can become a game played on you. At least that is what the recent target of scammers tells us., one of the world’s most popular online gaming site, is under the siege of scammers. Hackers have cracked into the secure network of the site to steal the personal information and gaming credits of thousands of users on the site. is one of China’s most popular sites and scammers are said to have used blackhat SEO techniques to enter a malicious code into the site. With 50-million plus registered users and 200-million page views daily, the site is a rich source of information for any scammer. But now, it has become a site for malware, where innocent victims are robbed of their identity and secure information. Though the website is setting everything right, it would be difficult to find out what all has been stolen by the scammers. The hackers have especially targeted  World of Warcraft game which is a multi-player game that is a massive hit among users.

(Via Esecurity Planet)

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