International Driver’s License: Valid forever!

by patrol

What about a Driver’s license that is valid forever? Yes, you don’t need to renew it or get approval for it even after a span of years. All you need to do is pay $100 and get an International Driver’s License that is approved by the United Nations Conventions rule  -  This is one of the latest scams con artists have created to sell you fake International Driving Licenses. You pay the money, give all your personal information and are cheated forever. If the con artist is an expert at his job, he hands over to you a license that looks like an International permit. You believe his words and take it with you while traveling abroad, only to be fined by the police over there.

There is no need to buy an International Driving License. You can buy an International Driver’s Permit for $15 through the AAA or the National Automobile Club and can drive in 100 foreign countries. This Permit is valid for a year. Though legitimate US-sanctioned permits do exist, they cannot be used in one’s country of residence. So, it is better to get a permit than a license that maybe fake!

(Via Scambusters)

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