Scareware scam cracked by FBI

by patrol

The FBI recently cracked a worldwide massive scareware scam run by three super-smart con artists. The three of them – Bjorn Daniel Sundin, Shaileshkumar Jain and James Reno – excelled in duping people selling scamware as anti-virus software. They have a company in Belize named Innovative Marketing Inc. through which they sold this software.

The scam works like this: The scammers advertise the software for free and encourage people to download it. When downloaded, the scamware runs a virus check on your PC and detects a malicious infection. The software encourages the user to buy and download another malware to cure the infection. The malware thus downloaded is nothing but spyware/scamware.

Using this, the con artists have made more than $100 million. It is a cybercrime that has targeted more 60 countries, with thousands of users getting involved.

Best way to avoid such scam is to read reviews about the anti-virus software you plan to download/buy. A better way is to ask your Internet Security/Network provider to help you out from virus infection.

(Via Fraud and Scam news)

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