Swindlers as water company officials

by patrol

Swindlers can even be water company officials. They can pose as officials coming to check the condition of your water pipes and pumps and loot money from you. At least that is what happens in Garland, Texas.

Scammers come in numbers of two or three to tell you that they are from the water company. The inform you that they want to check the water supply in your home and check the fixtures, pipes etc. After an hour or so of checking they inform you that it is better to use water purifiers. The scammers seem to always have stock of these water purifiers and pressurize you to buy them. You buy them, thinking of their advantages. Result: They sell you something of a very cheap quality or second rate item at very high costs and all their promises never come true.

Water company officials have ID cards to represent from which company they belong to. They also use only official vehicles. Also, they don’t often come without prior intimation.

(Via Scambusters)

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