Wheel-chaired woman falls for PayPal scam

by patrol

Elizabeth Jackson, a disabled woman, was fooled by a scammer in April 2010. The scam was about the sale of her mobility scooter. She had put up an ad about the mobility scooter and wanted a good buyer for the same. The advert was a free classified ad and there were only moderate responses for the same. After a few days, the woman found a buyer who was willing to transfer money into her PayPal account. Later, she received an email from the buyer saying that he was not able to send money to her PayPal account due to some problem.

At the same time, Jackson received an email from PayPal saying that they were looking at some issues in her account. The buyer requested the woman to transfer money to the shipping company via Western Union and said that he will pay both the amount into her account via PayPal. After she had transferred the requested money to the shipping company via Western Union, she received another email from PayPal. The second email said that the buyer had put too much money into her account and that, she needs to return the extra amount via Western Union. She obliged and sent the second amount. Before that, she sent PayPal the details of her account. There was no reply from the PayPal authorities for a long time. She called them and discovered that they knew nothing about the emails. Only later, she grasped the shocking truth – she had been scammed by the buyer and paid him for his shopping via Western Union!

This is a typical PayPal scam! Only way avoid such scams is to double check your emails, especially the ones involving money.

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