5 ways to stop email scam/spam

by patrol

To stop being scammed via emails, you first need to stop the spam that fills your mail box. Spam is possible with even legitimate organizations. So, how do we avoid it? Below are a few tips:

1. Use a separate email address: If you are subscribing to any public listings or forums or newsletters, it is always better to use a separate email address. This does not mean that they are bad, but it is just a precautionary measure to avoid spam. In case of a separate email address (just for signing up purpose), you can know which company sends spam and which doesn’t. You can also set your filters based on that.

2. Use multiple addresses: Important for people who do a lot of online dealing. As mentioned already, never lend your personal email address to anyone you do not know. If you can manage, use multiple email addresses – one for personal use; another for subscribing to blogs, sites, newsletters etc.; third one for dealing with online purchases. This can also help you avoid confusion over loss of important data in case of a hacker attack.

3. Never put your email address anywhere: Companies/scammers have tools to detect email addresses in web pages. These tools detect addresses and send mails to the email IDs they find automatically. Your inbox will be flooded with emails that are good for nothing. So, avoid putting your email ID on your website/blog. If needed, ask them to fill a contact form to communicate with you.

4. Don’t buy from a company that spams: Some companies are known for their spams. They send you mails daily and you know that there is no option to unsubscribe from those mails. Never buy from such companies as legitimate and honorable companies do no spamming work.

5. Set email filters:
Very useful if you are flooded by hundreds of mails daily. It takes only a short time to find out how to set filters, but it helps a long way. Setting up email filters can drastically reduce the spam/scam mails and also leave you with time for other activities.

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