Cruise scams: 4 tips to avoid getting scammed

by patrol

Cruise dreams can turn into nightmares if you are not wary of what is happening around you. No, we are not talking of safeguarding your valuables while on a cruise, but about avoid being scammed while planning for a cruise trip.

Scammers are all over in the travel domain and cruises are no exception. A website can show you pictures of great cruises and cheat you of your money – you may find out that the website itself is a fake one or such and such a cruise does not exist. Whatever be the case, cruise scams are becoming commonplace these days and hence it is better to know the ways to avoid them:

1. Be a doubtful customer: Yes, question a lot about the cruise deals you are offered. Ask about the fares, what is inclusive, not-inclusive of the fares, how will be your night stay, food, shopping etc. Also, double-check if there are any hidden fees involved in ‘port’ charges, cancellation charges, insurance processing etc.

2. Read the TOS: Important. Getting everything written in black and white. Never take chances when it comes to cruises. You spend a lot of money for going on them and so, you need to ensure that you make most of all the money you invest in your trip. If your travel agent promises you a reduction in fares or some extra benefits, get them in writing.

3. Pay through credit card: This is useful if you are doubtful about the deal. You can cancel the charges before the due date and retrieve your money too. But check if it is an authentic site and then, pay. Some fake sites fool you into entering your details on a scamware.

4. Do your research: Always important. Get to know more about the cruise, the company which offers the travel deals, your travel agent, all and sundry before you sign up for the trip. You can even contact BBB or IC3 in case of doubts or complaints. Similarly, don’t take up any unbelievable offers before checking thoroughly. Sometimes there maybe hidden fees behind.

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