How to spot a scam? 10 pointers

by patrol

Spotting a scam is easy if you know about common scam scripts or scammers’ general behaviors. Below are 10 surefire ways to spot a scam. Check if you face situations which are similar to what is mentioned below. If yes, suspect the activities of the one who contacts you and investigate into his/her intentions. Chances are, you may spot a scammer.

1. There is potential for a large amount of gain with little investment (like payment of specific fees etc.) The whole idea of you on the receiving end of such a huge windfall is unbelievable, but the scammer makes you believe so.

2. There is no clue how the scammer got to know your email id and he does not address you by name or does not know any of your personal details (in his first communication with you).

3. There is a sense of urgency in everything about the communication or deal. The scammer wants you to keep the whole thing confidential and speed up things in faster pace.

4. The scammer keeps asking you for personal details and money right from the start. You are asked to provide your bank information, name, address, phone number, credit card information and SSN etc.

5. So many government agencies are involved. You receiving logos of such organizations in emails, but the email ids from which the scammer sends you mails do not look like they are from the govt. agencies.

6. You are introduced to a lot of officials – bank officers, lawyers, tax officials, agents etc. But you know these people only through the scammer. You do not know any official in person.

7. The scammer never gives you the physical address of his location or landline number. You can communicate with the scammer only through mobile numbers.

8. You keep paying a lot of fees and each fee is to clear the procedures involved to help you receive the money.

9. You are supplied with many official documents. But you do not know if they are real ones or forged ones.

10. You have never heard of such a money-making idea or tactic before. The scammer is the first one to break the ice about this to you. It appears unbelievable to you, but with the scammer’s words, you are lured into believing it.

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