Federal Grant scams: Help you never asked for

by patrol

Scammers can trick you in the name of offering you government grants. They can make you believe that you are the sole person entitled to receive the grant and that you need to divulge with your details to do it.

What is the scam about? The scammer is a government official who calls you and informs you that you have been the chosen few for a government scam. If you don’t remember applying for any grant and say, you are not the right person, they tell you that you have been chosen based on a specific census and this grant is for people of your income group. Scam continues with the scammer mailing you the monetary details. As a prospective receiver, the grant is free for you and need not be paid back. And you need to do only one thing to make yourself eligible for the grant – divulge with your personal information, like social security numbers, bank account details, credit card pin etc.

How does the scam work? The scammer calls you and informs that you are eligible for a grant and all you need to do is do a little paperwork or divulge with your details. If you are an entrepreneur, you are told that you are eligible for a grant that helps you set up your own business. If you are student, you are made to believe the grant is for your studies. If you are a mom at home or a single parent, it is for your child’s education or for your home’s well being. The official asks you to give away your information so that he can deposit the grant money in your account. In the end, all the money in your account is looted and you become a victim of Federal Grant scam.

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