Immigrant scams: 2 latest scams against Hispanics

by patrol

When it comes to scamming, generally people who are the most vulnerable are the ones who do not know much about the marketplace around them. This is why senior citizens and children become targets of attack. Another addition to this vulnerable victims group are the immigrants, especially the Hispanics.

Immigrant scams: Hispanics have been targets of attacks for a few years now and scammers have almost fine-tuned some of the most common scams to suit a Hispanic’s beliefs and knowledge. Below are 3 kinds of the latest immigrant scams:

1. U.S. Driving License scam: This is a twisted version of the International Driving License scam.  The scammer tells new U.S. settlers that they can get a U.S. driving license for a few hundred dollars. They get the victims personal information and then, grant them a few documents and a fake license. You are made to believe that you are licensed to drive in the U.S. But, you get to know the truth only when you are caught on the road. Sometimes, they fool them with the International Driving License script too. In reality, citizens of other countries can drive in the U.S. for about 1 year if they have a valid license and an international driving permit.

2. Bogus Language classes: A bait for non-English speaking immigrants. The scammers tell you that they are a non-profit organization for immigrants and offer an English language course for free. If you accept it, they call you a week later and tell you that you are not eligible for a free course and need to pay $1500 for it. When you oppose, they say that the telephonic conversation has been legally recorded and you are liable to pay. If you still refuse, they swear to sue a case against and call you later to say that you have a hearing on a particular day. All this is fake as legal enforcement is not possible over phone.

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