Invoice scams: Nothing but fake solicitations

by patrol

Can you believe it? Someone can scam you with a fake invoice too. Yes, if it is a cute scammer and you are a less-discerning customer, you can be fooled into paying for what you never ordered or enjoyed!

What is the scam about? It is about scammers sending you invoices. Not all invoices you receive are fake. Some are genuine, from genuine providers, but they do contain charges that you are not aware of. Invoice scams happen when you are charged for something you never asked or ordered for. You are forcefully given something without you knowing about it. It can be a furniture seller charging you more at your doorstep, before delivery of furniture. It can be an auto-repair company, levying charges for parts or services you never availed for. In most cases, you would not have received those products too. Since people sign up for invoices without looking for details, some invoice scams are nothing but fake solicitations. Yes, the scammers send you a bill (which you think is an invoice), but it may actually be a request for a subscription of a service/magazine. These are solicitations you can reject, but you agree to them without looking into the details.

How does the scam happen? It can happen to anyone, even companies. Anyone who is not careful about what they are paying for can be cheated with extra charges in the invoice. Some such invoice scams are Domain Renewal notices, Directory Listing scams, Magazine subscription scams etc. People can bill you for extra money in any of these cases or send you fake invoices in the name of another company.

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