Magazine Subscription scams: Read before you sign

by patrol

Magazine Subscription scams are one kind of invoice scams where the scammer sends you fake invoices for the magazines you have subscribed to or for magazines you have never heard of.

What is the scam about? All of us subscribe to magazines time and again. If you are one who has subscribed to a lot of magazines or one or two of them, you need to be careful. The scammer can get to know about your subscription list somehow and then, send you fake invoices. Yes, he can create a duplicate invoice of the magazine and even add a fake letter to it saying they have changed the subscription date. If the scammer is a pro, he can offer you subscription for a cheaper price (for 10 years or 1 year) and bill you a chunk of money. You get to know what you have done only when the original invoice arrives.

Magazine Subscription invoice scams happen with a slight variation too. The scammer sends you an invoice that looks like the invoice of a magazine to which you have subscribed. You pay without reading through the details. But if you notice, the invoice may actually be a request for a new magazine that looks like an exact replica of one you have already subscribed. There maybe a slight difference between the names of both the magazines. And you will be duped with an invoice-like request to subscribe to a new, hardly-sold magazine!

Another variation of the scam is done by the magazine companies itself. You are charged extra without your notice. When you look into the extras, you are told that you have been billed for an extra supplement you never wanted/asked for.

Sometimes, a third party publisher contacts you and offers you a free copy of a magazine. All you need to do is, sign up a notification form and send across your credit card details. You are told that you can cancel the subscription anytime. You get the free first copy, but after that, you are billed for every other copy. You plan to unsubscribe and look for a phone number or website address, you don’t find any. You are scammed with a  magazine you don’t want and you pay through your nose for it!

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