Prepaid phone cards: It’s scam calling!

by patrol

Most of the immigrants fall victims to these prepaid phone card scams. Prepaid phone cards allow you to pay in advance for the minutes you use while calling people. This is got by an upfront payment, making it easy for you to call anywhere anytime, with or without cash in your pocket. The appeal of prepaid phone cards is, they offer more minutes for less charges and substantial discounts on call charges. Another thing is, they can be used on public phones without the need to keep using coins, one after the other.

What is the scam about? Many of the immigrants or newcomers or tourists to the United States know about the exact functioning of these prepaid phone cards. They do not know the true from the fake. Result: They become victims to prepaid phone cards that promise high returns for less money, in other words, prepaid phone card scams!

But, they are not scams in actuality. If you read the fine print in the cards, you can notice the original number of minutes or reduction in call charges. The fine print data will prove the cards to be legal and you cannot raise a finger against any scam company. It is said that such fake or scam companies offer prepaid calling cards that deliver only 60% of the minutes promised. The money churned out of such scams is about $1 million per day.

How to avoid the scam? Best advice is to read all the fine print before buying. Next best advice would be to use cards issued by reputable companies or established providers.

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