Russian Bride scams or ‘Boris and Natasha’ scams

by patrol

Russian Brides are lovely, smart and gorgeous enough to make you shell money out of your pockets. They are available in large numbers all over the Internet, looking for willing victims in every other country to fool you with an out-and-out online dating scam!

What is the scam about? The scammer is a “Russian Bride” who looks for love in online dating sites like America Online or or any such popular site. A willing victim is a man who falls for the woman, the Russian Bride. The woman sends photos of models via emails, shares details about herself and falls head over heels with this person. They become so intimate that they even engage in sexual talk over chat. But all this happens via the Internet and no sort of one-to-one physical correspondence takes place. No telephonic communication either. One fine day, the Russian Bride (when she knows her victim is firmly hooked) starts asking for money. It can be money to visit the victim or money for some other purchase. The victim sends, hoping that the “bride” will be his. This goes on till the victim runs out of money or starts getting suspicious. Then, the Russian Bride moves on to her next victim.

How does the scam happen? The U.S. State Department calls the Russian Bride scams as ‘Boris and Natasha’ scams. This is because, it is often a “Boris” who is posing as a “Natasha” and men who are involved feel embarrassed to talk about the scam. The target of the con artists are men who are middle-aged and lonely or gay. The scammer starts asking money in the presumption of meeting the victim. The victim pays for the visa, the flight tickets, hotel stays etc. in the hope of meeting the “Russian Bride”. But as per the script, everything flunks and the victim is left with emotional and monetary wounds.

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