Yellow Pages scam: Directory Listings fraud

by patrol

This is also called Directory Invoice scams. Most of the time, it is with regard to a bill which you need to pay for a directory listing or for the listing of your company in a particular directory.

What is the scam about? There are several versions of this scam. But the most common of them are below: You get a mail with Yellow Pages name and a Walking Fingers logo. You are told that you can get your company listed in the most important, less important or featured pages of a popular directory that has been used by ten of thousands of people. You are sent a sample directory free of cost. The bill that comes with the mail has the rates for each listing and all you need to do is subscribe to it. You subscribe and think that your company’s name will be listed in the next issue. But reality maybe far from truth. The Yellow Pages invoice can be any of the three things – 1. Can be a scam invoice that resembles the original directory company’s invoice, 2. Can be a very less popular, just-launched directory, or 3. Can be a directory that does not exist at all.

How to avoid the scam? Scammers are very clever when they ask you for money. They send you the listed pages along with the mail. Check such pages you receive – often, they maybe fake ones or pages from old issues. Even a legitimate company can fool you and collect money from you without listing your name as promised. So, be careful when you subscribe for such listings. Don’t give your credit card details instantly. Pay in cash for a month and then, check if the listing is as promised. Never subscribe to a new directory listing before knowing the position of the directory in the market.

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